We are proceeding toward the end of the year 2022 and the concept of blogging is already at its peak. You might have come across a lot of people who are working as bloggers and earning money by making blogging their professional career.

Many people are inspired by them and have a desire to start their career in blogging but they are unaware of the proper way and the professional tips. This article is all about helping you in blogging.


10 Professional Tips to Start Your Blogging Career


1. Choose an appropriate niche

Before you start a blog, think about what niche you are interested in and can do the best in. For this, you need to research the niche or the market to gain domain knowledge. It will be easier for you to write and run a blog in a specific niche with the utmost focus.

It is possible that multiple niches will grab your interest. But you should choose only one niche that you find the most relatable and fun to work on. Keep in mind that it will be favorable to choose a noncompetitive and a more demanding niche. If you go for a competitive one, ranking above your competitors on search engines would be difficult for you. But there is no need to be afraid. Some common and competitive niches you will find are technology, news, fashion, education, health & fitness, marketing and sports.


2. Choose a catchy brand name

To convince your audience to read your blog, you have to brand your blog with a creative and attractive name. When the audience finds your name catchy, it will be convinced to read your blog. After deciding what should be your niche of the blog, you must focus on giving it a name to gain the attention of your audience. It is possible that a boring, cliché name changes the mind of the reader if he or she decided to give your blog a read in the first place.


3. Buy a blog domain and hosting

A domain is a name that your audience and the search engines use to identify your blog. Hosting, on the other hand, is the second name to the server that stores all your blog's files. You will find a lot of domain registration and website hosting software online. You will put your efforts to search and dig out the best service providers that provide you with the perfect hosting. You should be concerned about the security and speed of your blogging site while doing so. If your blog has an efficient speed, the search engines are more likely to rank your blog site above your competitors.


4. Choose a platform

You can start your blogging career with CMS, a content management system that uses code. It is a complicated method but if you know coding, you can create an attractive blog. WordPress is a CMS used most commonly and has a variety of features. It offers plugins and themes using which you can run your blogging site quickly.

Another platform is Google Blogger. Create an account on the site and it will automatically create your blog site. You do not need a domain or hosting for this platform but to monetize it, you need to have a basic knowledge of coding. In addition, you can link your blog with Google AdSense to run ads for your site, bringing the audience to it and helping you earn.


5. Customize your blog

The design, color, and theme are what attract people as soon as they visit your site. To move them to read your blog, you need to make it eye-catching and appealing. For this, you can install any theme from WordPress or create it yourself. You can make changes in your blog colors, body, sidebar, header and footer, and add any post of your choice quickly to the blog. Do not crowd and overdesign your blog as it would look complex and busy.


6. Choose a strategy

You need to make a content strategy for your blog where you will stay firm on the decision that you will keep the content updated, unique, inviting and informative enough to grab readers' attention. You can organize it using a content calendar that sorts out what type of content is needed and when.


7. Optimize

SEO, search engine optimization is mandatory for your blog to reach the top in search engine result pages (SERP). For this, you can go for technical SEO, off-page SEO, on-page SEO, backlinking, social media marketing, keyword search or search engine marketing. You can use any single of these strategies or combine two or more for maximum results.


8. Learn affiliate marketing

In addition to selling your own thoughts or content through your blog site, you can go for affiliate marketing where you can sell products of some other party. You can make an agreement according to which if someone purchases those products using the link at your site, you will get a commission. eBay and Amazon offer you such services.


9. Post regularly

Posting regularly has more advantages than an intermittent blogger. If you remain active, you will get more and more traffic to your site. Additionally, rich content will be added to your portfolio that will help you increase the interest of your readers to visit your blog again and again. Do not compromise on consistency and schedule you made on content calendar.


10. Check Analytics

Google Analytics will help you measure how successful your campaigns have been throughout a certain time period. It features all the statistics of your blog, links, ads, social media marketing and all the other forms of user engagement. This way, you will know how far and above you are travelling in your blogging journey.



This is the right time to start your own blog and adopt it as a career to earn money by doing something you have an interest in. Follow all these professional tips above and you will see prominent results in a few months.

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